Lanyard Printing

We are the sole local manufacturer of lanyards in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, capable of stitching, printing, and producing any kind of custom lanyard in-house. Our high-end lanyard manufacturing and printing facility offers edge-to-edge full-color logo printing at an affordable price with excellent quality and finishing. We use cutting edge technology to produce lanyards of the highest quality. Our skilled team takes care of the stitching, cutting, and finishing of lanyards, and same-day delivery is also an option. We manufacture and export products as well as provide special pricing for printing press companies and advertising and marketing firms in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Nigeria.

  • 15mm or 20mm custom lanyards are available.
  • Roll-printed full-color lanyard satin ribbon
  • Reel badge, medal, and lanyard
  • Epoxy lanyard made of polyester
  • With a dog metal hook, crocodile clip, plastic buckle, breakaway for easy release, and other customizable options, Kraft makes lanyards.
  • Small and large orders are accepted, and delivery in the UAE is possible the same day.
  • Personalization of lanyards or satin wristbands
  • Lanyard manufacturing and production in your own country at factory prices
  • Our premium luxury lanyards are commonly used in schools, hotels, corporate companies, exhibitions, government agencies, and event companies.
  • Large PVC cards are attached to an access pass badge with a lanyard.

We can make lanyards like:

custom lanyard

We create custom lanyards in any design, shape, size, or accessory. Custom lanyards can be delivered quickly in the UAE.

school lanyard

We provide school lanyards with logo printing and a wide range of safety features for students to wear comfortably.

ID lanyard

ID lanyards are made with all types of pvc id cards, including small, medium, and large id cards attached with lanyards and stitching.

lanyard lace

Lanyard lace is available in satin, polyester, and woven materials. Lace is available in 1 mm thick and 100 mtr rolls.

exhibition & event lanyard

We offer exhibition and event lanyards at a low cost with high quality and quick delivery. We also accept bulk orders.

hook lanyard

Lanyards with hooks are commonly used for many events, exhibitions, and other office needs to wear and carry ID cards and USB flash drives.

mobile holder lanyard

Lanyard includes a mobile phone holder to keep your phone safe from damage, theft, and falls. We also offer premium phone holders.

crocodile clip lanyard

We manufacture crocodile clip lanyards for heavy duty lanyard use and to ensure lanyard longevity. We also have high-quality crocodile clips.

metal crimp lanyard

Metal crimps are commonly used on schoolchildren's lanyards to prevent spoiled or lost identification cards. We use crimping instead of stitching.

Lanyard Materials

The finest quality lanyard materials are offered by Qasar al Murjan in satin, polyester, eco-friendly material, biodegradable lanyard, woven, and cotton. We use these materials to manufacture lanyards and print them in our factory.


Satin Lanyard

Qasar al murjan offers the highest quality satin lanyard printing and supply with all types of desired accessories. Custom satin lanyards can be made with us in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and graphics. In Dubai, we also produce urgent satin lanyards.


Polyester Lanyard

One of the long-lasting and durable materials for lanyards we manufacture in the UAE is polyester, which can be printed using both silk screen and sublimation techniques. The polyester lanyard we provide is also made of a biodegradable material.

Lanyard Accessories

We don't just offer one style of lanyard; instead, we offer a variety of options for lanyard attachments, including:

  • Metal hook, crocodile hook, oval hook and ss hook
  • safety break away and safety plastic buckle
  • Metal crimping and stitching in the end joint
  • id card case, Mobile holder and pouch
  • pin, button, and safety features

Dog Hook


Oval Hook


Metal Crimp




Break Away




Mobile Holder




ID Card


Access Card


Card Holder


Lanyard Pouch

Lanyard Printing Options

Lanyard printing capabilities in our production include the traditional silk screen process, new and innovative sublimation printing solutions, luxury branding options such as embroidery and direct printing, and so on.


Sublimation printing Lanyard

Sublimation printing is one of the most advanced lanyard printing processes used in our factory to produce high-quality printing at a low cost and with faster delivery. Lanyard printing is best done with sublimation.


Silk Screen Printing Lanyard

Lanyard silk scree printing is a traditional method of printing, but it has limited color printing capabilities. These prints are long-lasting, water-resistant, and easy to use.


Embroidery Lanyard

Embroidery for lanyard branding is a luxury and somewhat pricey option. Instead of printing, we can do lanyard embroidery with your logo and company name to keep the threading premium and long-lasting.

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